Why would anyone who spent 4 years on the road, away from home and family want to go again? Why would anyone who had been robbed at gun point, had their pockets picked, braved the world’s worst traffic, even been hit by a truck, want to remount their bicycles and pedal off down the highways of the world? Well, as Cat has said, “Hardships, rough weather, steep hills and of course the risks of traffic and encounters with bandits often make the best memories.”

There’s a reoccurring urge to once again be a stranger in a strange land, to see, feel and experience the world and her people. For the tourist it’s a destination, for the traveler it’s all about the journey. Pat says, “You haven’t experienced travel until you’re in a place where everyone speaks a language you can’t understand, and, you’re not paranoid that they’re all talking about you.”

Both Pat and Cat were caught up in the philosophy, “The one that dies with the most toys, WINS,” while in their 40s. Then during their 50s they began to feel that it was the one with the most experiences that would win. When Pat turned 62 they began their 4 year bicycle tour around the world (see and decided that it was the one with the most friends that would win. Their friends and family now consider them minimalists. They feel that they’ve uncomplicated their lives.

If you’ve not been to war you can’t know it’s horrors. You can, however, experience some of the pain by visiting battlefield cemeteries. Pat and Cat feel that travel and knowing the world and her peoples will open the doors to peace. As a Russian friend once told Pat, “It is hard to hunt (shoot/kill) the man you know.” They share the belief that 98% of the world’s inhabitants are good people.

So, if you’re somewhere where our paths will cross, let’s talk travel. If you’re planning a trip through Southeast Asia we’ll try to leave some useful trail markers. If you’ve been there give us clues about where to go and what to see. Even if you’re arm chair travelers Pat and Cat hope you’ll come along for the read. 

An added bonus, when completed Pat will have visited more than 100 countries and Cat’s lifetime list will exceed 70. And, they’ll retire the bikes after having pedaled them a total of more than 30,000 miles.