132 Snorkeling in the Bali Sea

Beautiful Dive Site

Beautiful Dive Site

Early breakfast and we were being suited up for the snorkel trip by 8:30 AM. Segey, the Manager had arranged use of the fast boat as we need to get back in, showered and on the road by early afternoon.

Chris and Kate were right, the experience was phenomenal. We paid for the boat and a guide. Cat felt we could have gone it alone but for safety sake we didn’t. Our guide, Sanur, was terrific. We were alone on the beach and soon in the water. He pointed out a Moray Eel then dove deep and brought a huge sea slug up. We held and examined it then he replaced it and grabbed a puffer fish. Holding it and knowing that it was a unique life form made the cost seem irrelevant.

Chris and Kate were right, the colors of the fish and coral were spectacular. What a fantastic morning in the Bali sea and sun.


After the dive we walked through the Island Temples and Cat found a bamboo vibraphone. We called the tune “Bye, bye Bali.” A fast boat back to The Resort, a quick shower to get the salt off then on the road and onward, onto Java Island.