207 150 Ks, Bangkok Just 85 Ks Away

504-nancy-lucky-fishWe arrived in Chachoensao in blazing afternoon heat. Asking, cycling and asking finally brought us to the Royal Grand Plaza Hotel. The best and possibly the only Hotel in town. At dinner a gal, Nancy approached. She works here thanks, she says,  to a benevolent boss and her ability with languages. . She’s 82 years young and speaks excellent English.

She told us that she came from Shanghai 15 years ago. We don’t know why and she seemed unwilling to discuss it. She sits, cleaning chop sticks then walks around straightening table tops. Of course we had to tell her about Cat’s aunt Nancy who will be 94 soon.

This Nancy is seated in front of a large aquarium. She says the big fish brings very good luck. 


505-wedding-flower-girlBreakfast was a good show for us. A wedding was taking place. We were glad when Nancy appeared. She filled us in on the details of the event including that it is a mixed marriage. The bride is Thai, the groom is from Japan. 

We thought Nancy was saying something about 9 months. We wondered whether she meant that the bride was pregnant then realized, there was a table of monks, 9 monks. A very Japanese looking Geisha Girl was seating guests and this lttle beauty seemed to be perhaps the flower girl.