272 2 Star Turndowns, 5 Star Meltdown

312-school-pickupOkay, we hailed a ride. The “We Can Always Take One More” van shoved the bikes on top of all other bags. A large Ford with lots of power, it ran past obstacles and into the face of large trucks. Scared the HELL out of us.

In Tuy Hoa, as we cycled looking for a Hotel a young guy on bike began helping. He took us to his favorite, a 2 star room with no windows. It did offer WI-FI and was at $8 US. The Cat turned it down. After another turndown we went to a 5 star we’d seen, in pouring rain.  

Daddy Picks Up Day Care Baby Girl


Okay, the 5 Star cost $62 but was a treat. It has only been open 20 days. After being led to 3 rooms that had some problem we finally landed. Then as Cat began to shower water began to cascade down fro the ceiling. What a mess. Another move.

The management was kind, they paid for dinner then offered champagne and wine.

A 5 Star View, Old and New