067 Over Hill and Dale to Royale Treatment

Rice and Village

Rice and Village

We both agree that these few days off the main roads have been very enjoyable. The people are, as usual, the best of it. They have been interested, curious and helpful. Riding through the small villages gave us a glompse of real life in the Philippines.

We stopped at a service station for a cold drink. A tricycle taxi driver told us that we had to go north to Blangas to find a place to sleep. Our first stop was like a little theme park for kids. They did have rooms but no food. They suggested Crown Royale Hotel. Onward to a wonderful place with a great room for 1/3 less than the room at White Corals.

We even found cold wine just across the street. We were set for the night. The restaurant also had good food and air conditioning.

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worldriderMarch 15th, 2009 at 10:14 am

love those ride fields!!! Ride on Boomers… ride on!! I’m so jealous!