183 A Tale of Two Corkages

101-200-baht-corkage1Cat had seen a restaurant called Post, Since 1982. It looked touristic but we thought maybe we could use a little exposure to other tourists. We took our bottle of wine, just in case.
Checking their list we found nothing to our taste. Cat asked about corkage and the girl said, “200 Baht”. Since everybody seems to bargain Cat said, “200? No, we will pay 100 Baht.” The girl and bar tender conferred then said, “Okay, 100 Baht.” She seated us, took the wine then returned with the bottle opened and poured two glases. 
102-no-corkage2Then a guy, the Manager stepped in and said, “Corkage is 200 Baht.” We tried to argue, he blamed the waitress. I grabbed the bottle, poured the two glasses back into it and we started to leave. The Manager barked, “Have a nice Hotel!” I responded, “Have a nice life.” He was at a loss. We laughed later, bet no one had ever done that before. Hey it was the principle of the thing.
Down the street a local place that Cat had seen. They were so happy to have us that they wouldn’t accept any corkage.