263 Bikes on Train, Cyclos to UPS

There is so much Vietnam to see and so little time left so, we will take a train to the coast. A disappointment, they won’t allow bikes on the passenger train. Another of those baggage car moments. We hate it but rules is rules. So, we rode the barren bikes to the station and checked them. Another ugly issue, neighbor Jack who is watching over us back home e-mailed that the package we sent via UPS has been held up. They want an additional $255 to deliver?

The Bellmen at the Hotel urged us to ride Cyclos (Motor Scooter Taxis) to UPS. This video is our wild ride there.



UPS was a bit irritating, the girl was gracious but tried to say that they have nothing to do with either Cambodian or USA UPS. We argued that we were customers of UPS not Cambodian or US but UPS. (We did finally prevail with a lot of help from Jack.)

The savings on Cyclos over taking a taxi is substantial. Having enjoyed the ride out we flagged down one and he found another. Once aboard we were off to the races. My  5’3″, 120 pound driver wanted to show is skills. He sped off leaving Cat and her driver in the dust. He careened through traffic and carromed off a bus in the process. We were back at the Hotel 5 minutes ahead of Cat. He was jubilent, I called him a Kamakazi. WOW what a ride.