298 Boys of Ireland, T-Shirts

507h-irish-boysIt is such a small world, after all. Walking through The Old Quarter a voice rang out, “Pat, Cat!” It was Tommy, one of the lads from Ireland that we met in Cambodia. Ben came running out, too.  We traded tales of the trail. They’ve quite a story to tell. Sleeping in hammocks strung between trees and eating food from the streets. They’re happy to have survived and so are we. They’re flying to Laos tomorrow. Ben, like us, is running out of time.

525-cat-buys-hatsCat, ever the shopper, began bargaining for t-shirts and caps for Stephanie and the grand kids. They started high and as advised, she started low. We walked away at one point then a young girl ran after us and said that they’d take our deal.  Then Cat decided that we should have 2 of the Vietnamese straw hats, too. The woman in the shop squirmed a little then said, “Okay they’re in.” We were happy she seemed happy, too.

So, the kids will have Vietnam shirts and caps and we, two hats. Good for costume parties or wall decor.