314 Classic Trolleys, Shades of San Francisco

167hk-old-town-trolleyThese beautiful workhorses move people back and forth almost the length of the Island. And,they do it for next to nothing. The fare is 3 Hong Kong Dollars (about 45 cents) 2 HKD if you’re a senior like me. You pay when exiting no matter how far you’ve ridden.

The only downside is finding change. The solution, you can buy a swipe card that’s good for the Trolleys, Subway and Buses. Such a DEAL!

153hk-street-car155hk-street-car 108hk-passing-street-cars1154hk-street-car102hk-upper-deck 

The Photo to the left is taken on the top deck of the Trolley. You climb a spiral stairway then sit down and hold on!