031 Exploring Kaohsiung

5 Stars on the Love River

5 Stars on the Love River

Kaohsiung is a modern city and the skyline is impressive. Even more impressive was the Ambassador Hotel. Our friend Winnie called upon a friend and got an affordable special for us. The Hotel is said to be the best in Kaohsiung and we believe it. It fronts the river. Here we are in the lap of luxury and what did we do, we walked the streets, found a coin laundry and watched the machines spin. Guess we’re not projecting a good 5 Star image?


wedding-rLaundry under arm we came across a huge wedding. The tent stretched for a city block and was full of people. Toasts were being made, music blared and as though a sign of the times, the groom was talking on his cell phone. He noticed us taking out the camera and at just the right moment, flashed the peace sign. Handsome couple but she’s going to have a few things to put up with.




jameson-rJameson is a 5 Star Doorman. He rushed out to meet us as we cycled in, told us that he rides bikes then asked our name. We gave him our card and he shouted, “Welcome Pat-Cat!” Every time we went in or out he was there and always said, “Hello Pat-Cat.” A new friend in Taiwan! 

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milesMarch 2nd, 2009 at 9:54 pm

the gesture of the groom is not really a peace sign, at least not in taiwan. people here love to do that when they are being taken pictures, especially younger folks.
you call that a peace sign in the states? well i guess that’s another example of how one thing can be different in different parts of the world.
except that “the middle finger sign” is probably universal.

ArianabymnMay 14th, 2009 at 12:51 am

beautiiful blog merciiiiii