215 Fast Tracks to Siem Reap

516-bikes-ab-oard-againA tough night’s sleep. Too hot then too cold as the AC cycled in and out. Neither of us feel very strong.

At breakfast we met Irene, a gal from Switzerland who is here with an AIDS Project. She gave us lots of insight on the road ahead as she’s been over it many times. It’s 105 Ks + to Siem Reap. It didn’t take much to convince us to find a ride.

A guy at the Hotel had friends come in a Toyota Camray. The wanted $30 US. When they saw the bikes they knew it wouldn’t work. We walked to the Bus Station. There were dozens of pickup trucks looking for work. After convoluted negotiations we hired one for $29, US. A quiet guy drove, two friends rode along in the back. They were in a hurry to go, it was soon obvious that they were hopeful of getting a load back to Sisophon. Nice guys, quiet but nice.