245 Good Morning Vietnam

100-vietnam-border-gate2We’ve been at borders and in no-man’s-land between countires lots of times. This one seems very relaxed. We cycled right up to the tall obelisk and prepared for the usual questions.

A young guy in uniform walked to us as we started up the ramp to  Immigration. He is the Health Officer with a questionaire regarding where we’ve been traveling for the past 2 weeks.

101-swine-flu-test1Then a surprise, he pulled an ear thermometer out of his brief case and stuck it in Cat’s ear. Obviously another Swine Flu check. She winced as he popped the noisy instrument.

Once up the ramp we were required to weave our way through a pipe maze designed for crowd control. We were the only people here. Winding our way through wasn’t easy but we made it.

Customs and Immigration were simple. Then out the door, down some steep stairs and we were in Vietnam.