231 Graphic in Black & White

606-dead-or-dyingThis poor guy looks like he’s about to see the light and convert to the Communist doctrine. It seems that once one has power others must convert to their ideology or be removed. Many of the wealthy, merchants, teachers and scholars fell victim to this process.  

Paranoia strikes deep, as the song said. Those who had power suppressed the poor, didn’t help build a middle class. So, who’s to blame?

Strange how we urge nations to become democratic, follow our lead and allow one man one vote politics. Then, when the majority votes for Communist or Socialist candidates we spring into action to undermine them.


Most of the material is pictures of victims. Some are shown 2 or 3 times. It makes one wonder. There’s no doubt that many suffered here but the displays seem distant and cold. It is interesting that those in charge felt it important to take the pictures for future generations to view.