277 A Classic Lady, Dog/Cat Meat Mee

435-woman-in-cafeA HOT ride from the train, a nice hotel and so tired that we took a day off. On May 26th we set off for Hoi An in 88/88, that’s 88 degrees and 88 percent humidity.

Somehow we missed the turn off. Asking and asking we finally got the point, “Turn around!” Hot, tired and hungry, we stopped at a cafe with Chien in it’s name. (Chien is Cat in French.) We ordered mee, fried noodles. It was served with little pieces of meat. We tasted and conferred, didn’t taste like beef, pork or lamb.

A woman, bent with age and osteoperosis, using a stick for balance, sat near us. She didn’t order anything just sat and observed. I asked for a picture and she refused. I offered 10,000 dong. She still resisted until others began urging her. Okay, I got this shot and she got 50 cents, we were both happy.  


436-woman-in-cafeShe smiled, relaxed and took her hat off. I raised the camera and clicked. I loved her natural look and the red berries that stained her lips and teeth.

When I showed her the picture she seemed upset then pushed her hair up. So typically woman, she was only worried that her hair didn’t look perfect.