193 Holy Cat, Hear no Evil

115-cat-in-shrineWe have the greatest respect for all religions yet affiliate with none. The Buddhists usually say their beliefs are more a life philosophy. For us, except for the life after, reincarnation thing, we might join in.

So as usual we just horned in. Here Cat becomes part of a shrine. 






126-hear-no-evilMy contribution was to “Hear no Evil”. We do like the levels of tolerence expoused by the Buddhists. If we could actually live that philosophy the world would be a better place. We did witness a bit of intolerence when removing our shoes to visit the Golden Buddha. There is a large sign in English and other languages telling you to put your shoes in numbered boxes. One unobservent tourist sat his shoes on top of a statue base. He walked away and the fellow keeping an eye on the shoes took them and threw them behind the boxes. We almost wanted to stay and watch the scene unfold between the Buddhist and the novice upon his return.