158 In To Malaysia

Express Delivery to Johor
Express Delivery to Johor

Yikes, we were thrust onto the Expressway and into the motorcycle lane. These guys ride like kamikaze, appearing to have little concern for slow moving bicycles.

By the time we got through and easy Immigration check point and into Johor Bahru it was getting late. Finding a hotel is always a trauma but at dusk even more so.
Looping around we wound our way, back tracked then in expressway traffic. Passing one sort of bad looking place we chose a nice one. Expensive but nice. Not easy to get into because it sat above the street. We had to push up through the parking structure.
I walked, looking for wine. Not luck. I asked one young guy if he knew a store that sold wine. He said, “No wine, only Allah.” Well, they did have some mediocre Chilean for fine wine price at the hotel. We bought and enjoyed it with a great buffet. All’s well that ends well!