130 Menjangan Experience

I Muslim Man

I Mualim Man

The day was hot, the road rolling. We pulled up at a little shop for a cold drink. The woman only had one so we shared. We were having fun talking with the women and kids when a van pulled up. The man strode across the street with hand out held. We shook then he said, “I Muslim man!” We’d seen more Mosques and the Hindi Temples were growing fewer. He was very nice and proud of his family. An enjoyable half hour in the shade for us.

Onward, we decided to stop at Menjangan Resort. When we came to the turn off a Ranger from West Bali National Park stopped to help. The resort is inside the Park. He looked us over then said, “Too high price for you.”

Cat's Jungle Buggy
Cat’s Jungle Buggy

He was right of course but after riding almost 2 Ks on dirt and rock we stopped at the Restaurant. They did have budget rooms called Gazebos, screened bedrooms with shared bath right on the water. We toured the grounds in their Jungle Buggy. The Gazebos were pretty primitive. We looked at what they called The Monsoon Hotel. Yes, it was VERY expensive and VERY nice. Of course we took a room. It was too late to go onward and we’d already had a beer and wanted another.

Just getting down to the Gazebos and around to The Monsoon took us through beautiful jungle. The Park is inhabited by two types of deer, monkeys and a large variety of birds.

We felt like we’d been transported to Disneyland.