064 Monuments of Death

Death March Monument

Death March Monument

These white markers are strung along the highway, one every kilometer. We stopped at most and took a picture. Many were placed by families of those who perished. Our friend and former Web-Master, Wally, lost an uncle here. He told us that they had place a monument but we didn’t see it.

What a waste and for what? How could we have been caught so off guard?  What kind of advance planning led to such a debacle? Even history isn’t too clear on those issues.

War is HELL, real STUPID HELL. It’s no way for modern, civilized humans to solve differences. It’ INHUMANE!

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AubrieMarch 21st, 2009 at 10:03 am

I agree what you guys said about war. Also i love all your pictures i cant decide which ones the best. I miss you so much papa and cat you guys are the best and i cant wait to see you guys you have gave me everything i have always hoped for which of course is you. I love you and talk to you later.