208 Mr. Channarong to the Rescue

506-delivery-to-kabin-buri1Cat began to feel queasy as we cycled. After 60 KS she was on the edge of sick. We pulled up in the shade of an overpass and bought orange drinks. As Cat sipped she almost gagged. Then said, “Sorry, I just can’t go on.”

A pickup truck pulled in. The guy, Mr. Channarong, got a cold drink and bowl of soup the lady was cooking. I approached him about a ride. He didn’t hesitate, once he understood how ill Cat felt. We loaded up and rode on toward Kabin Buri. Once there he launched into a hotel search. Thailand Tourism had suggested The Golf Club Home Staying. Mr. C. drove out of town, we decided that it was to far. He drove back then began asking. Found a place then said, “Not Clean” More asking and he finally found one he felt was acceptable.