238 Neak Luong

636-cat-on-boardNeak Luong lies on the east shore of the Mekong. No bridge, the traffic piles up and waits impatiently for the ferry. It’s hot, muggy hot and that adds to the frustration. Of course we on bicycles get aboard immediately.

The road ashore is dirt and mud. We spotted a nearby restaurant and asked directions to the hotel. A guy on a motor scooter motioned for us to follow him. The place is less than basic. The cold water shower actually felt pretty good. 

And, believe it or not they have a few TV movie stations in English.


A walk around the area searching for the best cafe was an eye opener. Strange looking little red birds were popular. Also, more bugs and some eels.  

We chose to go back to the place where we’d met our scooter guide. The cook is the Mom. Her daughter speaks a little English. We loved The way they worked and worried about making sure that we were happy. We had the house specialty, noodles with chewy beef. It was hot and very tasty. 

Those around us acted as though we were celebrities. We enjoyed it so much that we went back for breakfast. The only thing offered was the house specialty, Those noodles were pretty good, even in the morning.