181 Night Arrival into Hat Yai, Thailand

008-hatyai-night-streetNight is the worst time to be hanging around a train station or anywhere in strange places for that matter. We got the bags off and I caught the bikes as they were handed down. Lost, we were once again saved by a stranger. For some reason a guy took us under his wing, helped us get out front f the station and with the help of a policeman, hire a Tuk, Tuk. (Little truck taxi.)

We jammed the bikes in then threw the bags on top. Cat sat onthe back edge of the load, I took the cab seat and we were off. Our new, nameless friend had told the driver to take us to a hotel that sounded low end. Cat called out the name, Grand Plaza Hotel that she had read about. The driver happily took us to the door.

The staff rushed out and in moments all our worldly possessions were safely out of the dark street and into the brightly lit lobby. Bags to the room, the bikes will be standing by in the lobby.  Hatyai Mainstreet at Night.

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CaseMay 2nd, 2009 at 4:40 pm

I love you guys … well, the story you are living/writing, for sure … and that story is now you, right?

You are experiencing the amazing hospitality of Asians. As everywhere there are those few who try to take advantage. As everywhere there are those few who gladly walk that extra mile to help a stranger. You have met/are meeting both, but I bet you remember the kindness longer.

Enjoy the journey … we sure are! Thanks for sharing it.

Pat & CatMay 3rd, 2009 at 12:45 am

Thanks, it’s knowing taht someone out there is enjoying and learning that makes it all worth while.
Pat & Cat