KAJANG!  SHAZAAM!  KABOOM!

Breakfast with Tim. He hasn’t been to KL in years but thinks that after the first few little hills it will be flat. We set off in sultry heat and immediately began to climb. The hills were steeper and longer than we thought, even had two push a couple.

Then finally the pay off, a down hill run. It too was steep, a test to our new brake pads. The scenery is jungle-ish. At 2:00 PM we pulled up for lunch in Kajang. Knowing we only had another 22 Ks (16 miles) we luxuriated for almost an hour in the air conditioning.

Out the door, around the parking lot and back onto the highway then SHAZAMM, the brightest bolt of lightening we’d ever seen hit just across the street. KABOOM, the thunder clap almost hurt our ears. Then the heavens opened and we faced a wall of water. Seeking shelter, we pulled up under the awning of a hotel. Call it fate or kismet.

We stood and watched for a few minutes then convinced that this was going to be another soaker, we took a room. Decent enough place and good value.