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Simple HomeThia Style Home


For some reason, perhaps bored with the scenery or that it just wasn’t that scenic, I reverted to a Realtor. These styles were captivating. Speaking of captivating, the large Thai Style Home had an old rusty WWII Cannon in front.

Reaching Seremban, we did the typical circling the hot dusty streets seeking shelter. Cat had read of Hotel Royal Bintang. We asked a taxi driver, he said, “Go straight to AW then turn left, up hill.” Unbelievable, I began thinking of an A & W Blizzard when lo, there was an A&W Root Beer Stand. We didn’t stop just cranked uphill and surrendered to another budget buster.

We met a guy, Tim, who travels with 3M out of Minnesota. We chatted at dinner and had breakfast together. He had served in the Peace Corp here and loves this are. Even lived in Melaka for a few years. We loved his description of the typical Malaysian weather report.

Here is what you asked for; first in Bahasa Malaysia.
Ramalan cuaca hari ini:  hujan renyai-renyai disana-sini, di beberapa
tempat, di sepanjang hari di seluruh negara

Today’s weather forecast:  light rain here and there, in a few places, all
day long throughout the country.


Thanks Tim


Comments (2)

BobApril 23rd, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Hey been moving so been out of the loop. Looks like you guys are doing great. Very pretty pictures where your at. Love ya Bob Been busy moving

adminApril 24th, 2009 at 7:45 pm

So, you and John moved? Did you get a house or apt?

We’re in Hat Yei, Thailand. Going to Bangkok by train tomorrow night. Pretty cool trip but overnight trains, two in a row.

Getting pretty hot over here. We’ll cycle out of Bangkok to Cambodia then on into Vietnam. Only two months left and long way to go.

Love You too. BRO