257 Pat & Cat in the VC Tunnels

122-cave-warriorsOkay, everyone gets to give the tunnels a try. Son invited us to go in and feel the life in tunnels. We could go up to 500 meters (1/3rd of a mile) but there were escape tunnels every 100 meters. We made it to 200 meters and gave it up. I was crawling by then.

The guys behind us took this photo. Note the green snake and centipede above our heads.  In the VC days they swept the tunnels daily for insects and snakes. Real or not? They felt real to us.




This couple, Stanley and Miriam were with our tour. They’re from Vancouver, BC. Canada. We spent most of the morning sharing experiences in Vietnam. I told them of my TWO COUSINS. See the next entry for details. 

Stanley and Miriam have promised to visit us in SO CAL. 

At the end of the tour, gun shots added a sense of reality and hurt our ear drums. They have AK 47s and M1 rifles that you can fire. I wanted to give it a try until we found that they charge 2,200 Dong per bullet and you have to buy a clip of ten. You know that we did the math. 10 bullets or a bottle of wine? BRRRRRIP, we chose the wine.