280 People of Hoi An

437-handicapped-salesman1This guy is a 3 wheeled hustler. He sits in front of the hotel and sells picture post cards. He was so effective that although we didn’t want his cards, paid him to “model” for this photo.

He’s somehow lost his legs, perhaps the war or a left over land mine. The interesting thing is the way he gets around by pedaling with his arms.

When he spots a prospect he really scoots to get his wares in front of them.  We loved him.

                                                                                                      441-hoi-an-beautyWe saw this beautiful lady and stopped to ask for a picture. She seemed pleased and put on a smiling pose.

When I showed her the pic on the back of our camera she smiled even broader then, stuck out her hand and asked for money.


This woman walks the streets, calling out what we assume must be a description of her fresh produce. As we observed she seemed to have a route with regular customers.