149 Probolinggo and Our Tale takes a Twist

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Back to Probolinggo

April 6, 2009  As we cycled into Probolinggo Cat called out, “Hold up, there’s the bus station, lets see if we can catch one to Surabaya.” A guy across the street yelped out, “What are you looking for?” Then added, “I can help!”

Cat has a hard time with touts and hustlers. Then he said, “Where you are from, England?” She kept pushing her bike and muttered, “No.” Then he said, “German?” Another no, then he almost shouted, “America?” When she nodded yes, he said with a smile, “Why you here? You know that Muslims hate Americans, yes?” I put my arm around his shoulder and said, “Muslims love us and we love Muslims.” He laughed out loud as we rounded the corner into the station.

Within 20 minutes he had sold us tickets, helped while I took the bikes apart and load them onto an idling bus. He called it the Express to Surabaya. A two hour bumping and lurching ride and we were in Surabaya.  A nice young guy asked where we’d stay. Cat sort of faked it by saying that we were meeting friends. He pulled out his cell phone and insisted that we call them. Liz was surprised but gave Cat some direction to Hotel Majapahit and told her that she was sure there were plenty of rooms but she would alert the front desk.

Then the trauma of another bus station. Trying to move our bags and bikes was tough but we didn’t want any of the several porters to take control or take off with our things. So, we struggled then a guy began offering assistance. Cat & I moved the bags and bikes a little at a time to the opposite curb. Our new helper called out and a guy came running. In good English he said, “This man have van bus for taking you to hotel.” I turned to a tall gangly porter and hired him The guy led us to his friends van. Seems that he too has a van but not big enough to take us. What a nice guy.

So, just at dark we arrived at what would be a wonderful hotel and thanks to Liz, at a very good price.