242 R & R at the Las Vegas Sun

700-las-vegas-sunUnlike the Irish boys, we are seeking comfort after these days in small places. After another hot sweaty days ride we went directly to the area near Vietnam’s border. The landscape and scenery remains similar unti you get to the last kilometer. There are 7 Casinos clustered there.

At our first stop we got a turn down. The room is only $29 but they want you to gamble. Cat wouldn’t agree. Across the street, the new looking Palace. They too turned us down. Who could blame them, we look pretty rag tag. Finally the Las Vegas Sun Casino said, “Come on in.”

Wasn’t that easy, they didn’t like the look or smell of us. They required that I zip my cycling jersey up to my neck. You have to cross through the Casino to get to Guest Registration. We got a nice room. It cost $80 but includes ALL MEALS. They allowed the bikes to be parked in the air conditioned area where food is stored. We took a day off, we needed it. So, with a fast connection to the Internet, CNN and BBC, we roughed it for 2 days. I needed it, I was still weak from the diarrhea and vomiting.  

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SpiffyMay 28th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Yeah! Las Vegas. You can stay at Circus Circus right now for only $27/night and you don’t have to gamble. I am off to LV this weekend with a free condo from a friend. Love ya

adminMay 29th, 2009 at 1:51 am

Hey Spiff

The LV SUN was a far cry from LV, NV but a real oasis for us.
We’re in a small town but decent resort hotel tonight. WE cycled up and over one hell of a mountain today. Tomorrow on to Hue. We will send the bikes to Hanoi and follow them after a couple of days sight seeing. Then a hop to Hanoi and 3 days there then on to China.

It’s good to have friends, anyone that we know?
Love Palsy & Trinka