204 Rama VIII Asymmetrical Bridge


417-rama-viii-a-bridgeAs part of a vacation 22 years ago I spent 5 days in Bangkok. Part of the adventure was to run a half marathon. I was training for a marathon, that day made it clear to me that I didn’t need to run twicee as far. The course was across the just completed Rama VIII Asymmetrical Bridge. A unique structure. They opened it to traffic a week after the run. I was still recuperating. 

Other observations of change beyond the traffic on the bridge, I was struck back then with the amount of  cars, buses and tuk-tuks spewing black fumes and stirring up dust. Today we’re amazed at how most large trucks, buses and taxis use LNG, Liquid Natural Gas. They contribute water vapor and a tiny sweet smell to the once poluted air. And the streets are generally clean.

The city scape of high rise buildings has increased dramatically, too. And of course the elevated expressway, the Sky Train and MRT all contribute to the change in traffic and lower carbon   dioxide  levels that we equate with the smell of funes. Bangkok still has her troubles but she has come a long way, baby.