216 Religion and Communism?

517-my-left-partyUnlike the song John Lennom penned The first guy we met when we off loaded was Mr. Khem. He introduced himself as a Politician, his website is called “Mo Left Party.” He told us that he’d post our site on his and 500,000 members would meet us. HIs big issue is agrarian reform, returning the land to the people. Well we’re always interested in new friends.

As we shook hands he told us that he might see us at Angkor Wat tomorrow as he is officiating in a ceremony. We tried to explain that back home most think of Communists as anti religion. He didn’t understand and said, “My Religion is very important for me.” Imagine John, Cammunism and Religion, too!

518-the-real-riel-dealAfter a soft drink we found an ATM. It spewed thousands of Riel into Cat’s hands. The exchange rate is 4,100 Rs to $1 US. There was a hotel just acros the street. Mr. Ly wanted us to follow him to a very nice place for $15 US pe night. Gently, as uncapitalistically as possible, we told him that we needed a nice room. He assured us that his suggested place was nice and this place might cost as much as $50 per night. 

Close, we had to pay $60 (They actually like US $ more than their own Riel and Thai Baht.