119 Riding to Ubud

Strange Good/Goodess?

Strange Good/Goodess?

Hey this is Hindu land and they are very expressive having centuries of experience behind them. Riding the Coastal Road is a good way to go on bikes. There are lots of interesting things to see. Most are related to art of some form. Lots of stone statuary, blown glass, woven bamboo and avant guard furniture.

We stopped for a soft drink at that most famous Bali spot, McDonalds. Met 2 couple of couples from England, also headed tor Ubud. Onward and upward in the heat. Ubud or it’s outskirts came from the word of a waitress. The Cafe was more California or Colorado than Bali. The food too was USA. Cold Sprite was the elixir that helped us pedal up the hills. You know that you’re in Ubud when you reach the Monkey Temple. From that point on, for us, Ubud was a tough place to visit. Rich and Neill had suggested a place to stay. We pedaled up and down Monkey Forest Road past lots of nice hotels into a rice field. The place was a Hostel, a great value at $8.00 a night but not our kind of place.



Gurading the Monkey Temple

Guarding the Monkey Temple

Dinner across the street amidst a throng of foreigners just like us. Ubud reminds us of Carmel or Ojai, California. Just not our kind of place even though it is the mecca for readers of the well written book, “Eat, Pray, Love”. 


Back through the ups and downs and two Tourist Info offices to no avail. Stops at half a dozen places that were high priced and refused to take the bikes. Finally a real compromise, a medium fair place that allowed the bikes.

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kathy cameronJune 2nd, 2009 at 7:12 am

I loved seeing your Bali photos. I can remmeber Monkey Forest Rd, Ubud…I even have a photo of the road with the stone walls. Lovely!! I will be back there in a year!