256 Secrets of VC Success

Our Guide, 118-good-guide-sonSon knows all the little secrets of survival. Not just in the jungle or living underground but how to survive when you’re constantly being hunted. Here he explains how the VC were able to fool search dogs. He also demonstrated how they could cook and send the smoke to a cooling room, then released under tree roots so that it didn’t rise.

There are several huge bomb craters. When a tunnel was hit the sealed it and dug deeper. There are 3 levels in the Cu Chi Tunnels. Some of the living and working areas were big enough to stand in.

A young Vietnamese guy told us that it was a Civil War. One side Communist the other Capitalist. The problem was that Russia backed the Commies and the US backed a very corrupt right leaning government. Too bad that the French before our entry and the USA hand picked right wingers didn’t build a middle class. Who would ever live underground for 12 years if they thought they were able to get even a few nice things and believed they had a future for themselves and their children? So, who’s to blame?