071 South Channel to Corregidor

Corregidor Full Ahead

Corregidor Full Ahead

A couple of other differences between this boat ride and our ride with pirates in Zanzibar is Captain Eddy has an engine rather than sail AND, we could see Corregidor from the dump site beach. Also, it was only a 35 minute ride and we were sitting in the shade. Well, sitting in the shade on an apple crate and holding onto a bamboo rail as she pitched and rolled.

In reality the seas were quite calm and the ride a joy thanks to the cool breeze.






Gettin’ to Corregidor

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BobMarch 16th, 2009 at 11:38 am

HI guys. Still having fun huh. Yep Glenn was a long time friend. He is better off I think. I will tell Cole. Keep on Keepin on. I met a guy from Indonesia(sp) he is opening a thai resturant here in Bishop. Should be cool. Love ya guys Oh 1 month smoke free Bob

Pat & CatMarch 16th, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Still having fun Bro but yesterday I took a spill. Landed on my shoulder. It and my butt. Shoulder is really sore. May have it X-Rayed in Malaysia. We cross the border today. Really looking forward to a glass of wine. Brunei is a great country except for the Sultans edict about DEATH TO ILLEGAL WINE DRINKERS.