001 Southeast Asia Tour Kicks off!


                    THE BEST LAID PLANS

Early last year we began planning a bicycle tour through Southeast Asia. After studying the maps and weather patterns we chose November 1, 2008 as our departure date. In June Cat’s mom had colon surgery. that went well but she contacted pneumonia shortly after.

Two weeks in ICU and a tracheostomy led to lengthy rehab. In July Pat & Cat moved to the family home in Arcadia to help her dad. Since that time, until January 30th we have been caregiving. It was a wonderful learning experience.  From getting to really know Earl and Glenys to a better understanding of the challenges of old age. Important to know since Pat will turn 70 in October. 

When Novenber rolled around we rented our house furnished. We placed Cat’s parents house on the market and it sold quickly but the escrow drug out until January 30. Mom is doing much better and the proceeds of sale allowed them to welch-glenys-87th-blogmove into Windsor Manor, a retirement apartment. Apprehnsive at first they now love the lace and their new neighbors.

Now, finally, Pat & Cat are free to go globe trotting to Southeast Asia. They’ll depart on Monday, February 9, 2009. Free at last, free at last, we’re on the road again and free at last.


EARL AND GLENYS CELEBRATE HER 87th                              AT SANTA ANITA

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WallyFebruary 3rd, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Pat and Cat:

I’m very much looking forward to reading all about your adventures in Southeast Asia! You two are truly exceptional people, and are certain to have an exceptional trip – all the best, and keep us in touch with you through your blog.