239 The Road to Svay Rieng


Horses pull the freight. Oh the road has plenty of scooters and other traffic but there are lots of horse drawn wagons and carts, too.

638-slow-friendLunch, rice with a little meat and sauce. It was pretty good for my still queasy stomach. A guy who seemed to have some sort of disability came begging. At first we just ignored him. He backed off and played like a soldier walking his post. Then he did little exercises or clowned around.

We told him no at least 20 times then he asked for water. It is so hot that we understood. So, a cold bottle of water made his day. He may not have ever had cold clean water before. He was so thankful that the dropped to his knees and struck this pose. Where will life lead him? Will he always live here. Will he remember the strange foreigners that bought him water?