062 The Bagac Peace Tower

Peace/Friendship Tower

Peace/Friendship Tower

It was another up and over ride to Bagac. We spotted the peace tower then took a turn toward town looking for food. A couple of Gatorade’s at the Shell Station then we found a family run restaurant. The Father was gracious and spoke good English. The son, about 6-7 years old brought water, the daughter took our order. Well, Cat went to the steaming pots lined up on the counter and pointed. Food was pretty good.

The Peace or Freedom Tower was built by the Japanese. It has the huge bell similar to those seen in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This also seems to be the beginning of the infamous DEATH MARCH.

I’ve now read that the advent of THE MARCH occurred when General King surrendered to the Japanese forces. The problem he created was they numbered about 52,000 and now had 74,000 prisoners. Of those only 11,200 +- were US Army.The balance, more than 62,000, were Philippine Army.  

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we love you too and thank you for breaker us,and thank you give us very happyer time,wo will study english,then we can talk each other very much,

shou and annie

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We love you too. We sent pictures but the Post Office sent them to our home instead of yours. We will try to get them to you. Study English, come visit us in California.
We love you guys, too.
Pat & Cat