630-killing-fields-stupaJust a short ride via Tuk-Tuk and we were once again surrounded by the evidence of man’s inhumaity to man. This place just 15 Ks south of Phnom Penh was the final stop for more than 17,000 who failed the test of re-education. Some were shot but most seem to have been clubbed to death. There’s a tree with a sign saying that they had speakers playing loud music to drown out the sounds of death and suffering. The remains were just thrown into holes and covered. The pictures speak for themselves. Interesting how other visitors seem to be lost in their own thoughts, trying to understand what went on here and WHY?

This Stupa is filled with the bones of thousands on 17 levels representing the day that Polpat et al won control and began their systematic genocide of those who had been in power or high cultural positions.

It’s estimated that the Khmer Rouge eliminated more than 20% of the entire population of Cambodia between 1975 and 1979.



610-wall-scrall1It’s really difficult to stand and look into these hollow eye sockets and realize that each was a living, breathing human being. Each had dreams, family and a desire for a better life. We agree wholeheartedly with this scrall on the wall. Don’t you?