135 Tough Night in Gentang

Areobics in Gnetang
Aerobics in Gentang

We found the only hotel in town and checked in. The room is minimal but has Ari Con. Hot and humid they said it will only take a few minutes to cool down. We headed for the pool and cooled down then showered up and decided to take a walk around town.

No wine but we did run across a group of young people doing Aerobics in front of the Honda dealership. A strange juxtapose to the more severe life we often connect with Islamics. Dinner and cold Bintangs then to bed. The AirCon failed, we requested a fan. They took the one that was keeping the front desk cool. It only stirred the warm moist air around. By morning we both had sore throats. I was coughing and choking.