230 Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

603-toul-sleng-gateToul Sleng was a school that was converted to a prison and re-education center during the Polpet years. A short Tuk-Tuk ride and we were met by a couple of guys sporting gastly scars. One missing a hand and leg. The other’s face, as you can see, was burned horribly.

Both are too young to have been imprisoned here. The amputee proablby stepped on a land mine. The burn victim? Who knows but it’s tough to get past them without giving them a hand full of Reil.

604-burn-victimYou just can’t make this up. His skin looks like barbequed chicken. He was friendly and tried to talk with us. He got the lions share of the money. A we handed it to him a big guy with only one leg rushed across the street. He held out his hand, I said, “No.” He got pushy. I pushed back and he folded. 

There’s nothing that we can do for this young guy.  We rarely give to those who beg but this was the exception.