180 Training into Thailand

001-p-c-in-lower-bunkAfter 12 hours it was time to move through Malaysian Immigration and into Thailand. We’ve been hanging around here for so long we’re like locals. As we began the process Mr. Goh came back and began walking his exercise program up and down the platform. We clapped and cheered for him. He asked about our tickets. We told him that they’d charge 300 Baht for the bicycles. He stopped walking and spoke to a guy in a Hawaiaan shirt. The guy lifted one of the bikes.  Mr. Goh said, “He is the boss of railway. He will not charge you for the bicycles.” So, you pay a little more for legal money exhange but in the end it’s good to have a FRIEND! Thank you Mr. Goh. 

By 8:00 PM we were aboard the train to Thailand.