265 Trapped on the NIGHT TRAIN

Oh how we wish we had a video or picture of this.

The train stopped at Nga Trang, Cat grabbed the

small bags and got off. I began struggling with our 4

 huge bags. Rob ran back on and grabbed 1 of them. I

 got 2 to the door and 1 near then the crowd surged.

 Some trying to get off and some clammering to get

aboard. An older woman stopped traffic as she was

 being pushed up the stair by her family. I helped her

 then the train lurched and began to move. I could

 see people hanging on the door trying to get on.

 There was a lot of screaming and Cat was among

 them. I began to pound on the wall to get attention.

 The train just kept chugging onward. A young

 guy/Conductor indicated that they would work this

 out. Finally, after 15 minutes they found a guy that

 spoke Vietnamese and English. He assured me that

 they were aware of the problem, they were trying to

 contact Cat and I would get off at the next stop.

Then he got the point across, “Next stop at 10:30

 PM.” Yikes 21/2 hours away. After an hour the Train

 Master held a cell phone out with this text message

 on it. “Your wife knows you are here, we will

arrange taxi to take you back to Nga Trang.” They

 made me take a seat. It was freezing.They gave me a

 blanket. I watched as a RAT began making a living by

 zipping around eating the crumbs on the floor. We

arrived at the next stop at 10:30 PM. Then after 2 1/4

hours in a taxi I was re-united with the CAT at 12:45

 AM. What a day. She was a nervous wreck. She’d

been sitting at the window awaiting my return. All’s

well that ends well!  Right?