249 Uncle Ho

107-ho-chi-minHo Chi Min seems to be beloved. There are large posters of him along the streets. Well he was the architect of a brilliant plan that brought the largest military machine on earth to it’s knees.

A lot of people back home were upset when they changed the name from Saigon to Ho Chi Min City. Hey to the victor go the spoils and city names at one of them.


A different shade of red? We see these posters scattered around. They celebrate Ho’s 119th birthday. Ho first led his troops against the French and was winning when they worked out a deal to split the country into north and south. Then came the new government of the south propped up by US.

President Ho then led the incursion into the south that started the”American War”. Unfortunately his health began to fail and he died at age 70 in 1969 just 6 years short of seeing his dream of a united Vietnam fulfilled.