286 Up, Up, Up, Pedal, Pump, Push


Climbing is one thing but climbing an 8% grade in 88 degrees and 88% humidity is quite another. I began to fade, had to find shade. When I laid back on a grassy area under a tiny tree I began to tingle. Cat found dozens of little leeches on my legs and arms. That motivate me to get up and get back to pushing.


Just as I felt that I would pass out we spotted a spout of water spraying into the air. A woman there held it on my head to cool me off.

It worked but I remembered learning from the strongest man in India that you must cool down internally. This gal is a real entrepreneur, she also sells cool sport drinks.  I chugged down two of the sweet, cool drinks and began to recover my strength. Cat had one drink, too.


As she sat smoking  we worked out a basic sign language system of communication. She asked my age. When I held up 7 fingers she laughed and held up 6 then 8. 

Her cute 12 year old granddaughter helps her spray motor scooters and sell drinks and cigarettes. Way too many smokers here in Vietnam.