151 ValuAir not Value Added

Cat @ Crown Plaza

Cat @ Crown Plaza

Bags and Bikes retrieved ws found that the bikes had been crushed. Both shifters have been bent. We got through Immigration then tried to find anyone from ValuAir. They don’t have employees here at Singapore Airport, they are sort of related to JetStar Air but at their counter they disavow it.

There are 3 Transit Hotels, we thought we’d grab a room but bad news, once you’re outside you can’t go back. So, we loaded our worldly possessions on carts and started pushing. Cat asked about hotels and they sent her to a counter. She returned with a room for the night at the Crown Plaza, right here at the airport. A little above budget but night is falling and we’re tired, too.

102-orchard-parade-hotelA good nights sleep didn’t change the situation with the bikes. A guy at breakfast heard us talking and urged us to report the damage, even suggested that the Airlines should have a metal shop that could fix them. No such luck and the Airport refused to make a report because we had left the baggage area.

Singapore Airport is a wondrous place. Car we had breakfast and free Internet access at McDonalds. Then back to the Hotel Counter and lo, the kind woman there worked hard to find a hotel that fit our budget. Another fantastic idea, hotels call in with daily rates based upon their vacancies. She booked a room at Orchard Parade at less than 1/2 the rack rate. Cat wanted to stay in China Town, Parade is on the shopping street. A momentary disappointment, we found everything we needed was close by and between buses and the subway we were close to everything.