260 Water Torture, We Got it Wrong!

215-water-tortureI remember back during the Korean Police Action we first heard of torture by sleep deprivation, loud music, water torture and other devious acts. These were used to BRAINWASH our boys that had been captured. We all hated the North Koreans for using these techniques.

In Vietnam both sides began to use them. Today we call them “Increased Interrogation Techniques.”

So, who was right then, who is right now?


Whether you read Vietnamese or English this admission by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Shocking? Well he stated this in his memoir. Too bad he didn’t figure it our a few years earlier!

Walking through these relics I began thinking about the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC. It is so impressive that I remember the emotions I felt seeing those 58,000 names and watching families, wives, fathers, brothers and sisters, even children of those whose names are etched on the onyx. Then I began to wonder how a Memorial here with 3,000,000 names on it would look.