156 Azrin at Treknology

108-azrinudinWhen we picked up the bikes Azrin felt badly because he hadn’t figured out how to fix the shifter. I told him not to worry, I would do that tomorrow before we leave.

They were running great save my shifter. The derailleur and lowest chain jockey gear are badly bent. I felt sure I could get it working.

Sunday morning, April 13, 2009, we got the bags down then I began greasing up my hands. As I struggled the manager of the adjacent Tony Roma’s stood watching. He is a cyclist and was trying to be helpful. Nothing I did worked. The only thing he contributed was a de-greaser soap to clean my hands.

Back to Treknology and Azrin. We used the manual and worked every way possible to get the shifter working, all to no avail. Finally at 11:00 AM we gave it up. He did get it to the point that it was locked into 6th gear. What a nice young guy. He was apologizing because I’d only have 3 gears. I was more than pleased that he’d gotten us back on the road.

 We got an e-mail off to LandRider. They have really helped keep us going. Remember Brad from Taiwan? They had him arrange for a couple of new AutoShifters to be sent to Kuala Lumpur. So, all we have to do is get there.