292 Trains, Planes and a Big Decision


Chose a table for breakfast on the veranda overlooking the Perfume River only to make a move inside as the smokers began lighting up. Another interesting guy, Ted, joined us. He’s from Colorado here to check on one of his three NGOs. (Non Governmental Organizations) Dr. Ted was such a joy that we made a date for dinner as he hurried off to his appointment.


Busy day, we booked a flight to Hanoi then took bikes and bags to the train station and sent them to Hanoi.

We’ve made a dramatic change in plans. Grandson Timothy will graduate. That was questionable when we departed CA. And travel in China due to the short amount of time remaining until our scheduled departure, June 24th, as well as the cost of Chinese Visas ($185 each) And, getting from Hanoi to a place in China where we could cycle for 5 or 6 days would mean 2 overnight trains and a day long bus ride. So, we’ll fly from Hanoi to Hong Kong tomorrow, June 1, 2009.