157 Busted at the Border

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru

Approaching The Causeway that will carry us across to Malaysia we were directed by traffic Police. Reaching the Immigration Kiosk the Singapore Officer there was upset. He said, “You must go to motorcycle lane.” We told him that there was no way to get across. He said, “You lift bicycles!” We objected, “They’re to heavy.” He picked up his phone and made a call then took our passports, stamped them then waved us on. In the lane with cars, we pedaled away only to be yelled at and told to pull over. There an officer with that typical “I’m important” attitude some have, asked if we had been cleared. When we said yes and showed him our passports he almost yelled, “You in wrong lane, for car only, go back.” We stood our ground, he wanted to know which officer had cleared us, he would face discipline. We told him that he called first. Then officer Crumpkey stomped away, our passports in hand. The other officers there were curious. We gave them cards, they marveled at our journey. Officer Crumpkey (From West Side Story) came stomping back, returned our passports and snorted, “Next time take motorcycle lane!” We promised that we would.

Still snickering, I was taken by the sight of Johor and the storm clouds hovering above. We stopped and I shot the above picture.   Oh God, another Officer Crumpky, “You come with me sir, no pictures here” I objected, “No sign, why no photo?” “Border area, no picture, come with me.”

I stood my ground, Cat was nervous. I showed him that the only picture I took was of Johor on the Malay side. He asked me to erase them, I refused. Then he just said, “Okay.” I questioned, “We can go now?” He nodded we rode.

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Joan KrugerApril 22nd, 2009 at 9:45 am

sounds like you are doing well and having fun. But I don’t understand you with singapour slings . I have only seen you with wine. Did you like them? They looked good. Love ya Joan

adminApril 22nd, 2009 at 11:09 pm

You’re absolutely correct Sis. Wine is our DRUG OF CHOICE. However, when in Singapore do as the Singaporans do. The SLING is almost like a soft drink except for the blend of several boozes. We would only have had one, even if the price hadn’t been so high. NOt our cup of alcohol. Love Ya, Bro & Sis