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Michael, Daniel & Brad

Michael, Daniel & Brad

Cyclists who find Bradsan in Taichung are fortunate cookies, indeed. Back in 2001 Brad was consulting for LandRider. Today he is GM of a huge Bicycle Company. He does business with Ming Bicycle Factory the birthplace of our bikes. After trying to draw a map he decided that he’d just get his SUV, load the bikes and take us to the factory. So, as fate would have it, a turn to the left, up and over a hill and into the arms of friends. Life is full of wondrous surprises



Daniel Rides Cat's Bike

Daniel Rides Cat's Bike

Everyone at Ming was thrilled to see our trusty old steeds back. They put them on racks and did a complete overhaul solving my shifting probelm and making the LandRiders feel young again. These two guys, Michael and Daniel are a wonderful success story. They left a large company and started Ming on a shoestring. Today they employ 200 in this factory and more than 2,000 at their factory in mainland China.



Cat on a STRIDA

Cat on a STRIDA

One of the bikes that Michael and Daniel manufacture for a British firm is called The Strida. A strange looking fold-up bike for commuters. After watching assembly and a demonstration in folding and unfolding the Strida Cat decided she had to have a test ride. Wobbly at first, she crashed into a stack of boxes then found her wheels and took a joy ride.

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YOu must mean “Dark Humor”? WE like to make silly jokes sometimes. Or twist the obvious to make it more interesting.
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Will update the final days of our ride in Vietnam soon.
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