052 Flat on the Steep

002-damn-flat-tireOh how Pat hates flats. Our thick tubes and kevlar belted tires keep stickers and glass out however we couldn’t get the valve stem of this tube to slip all the way through the hole in the rim. Thus, the stem rubbed the rim. The rim became red hot from our death grip on the brakes. That and friction had worn a hole in it, DAMN!

Some Good Comes From All Things

Some Good Comes From All Things







        As I worked in frustration pulling the wheel, the rear wheel of course, a cyclist came up the hill standing on his pedals. He swung across and we met Tito. He lives in Baguio and often rides down 25 Ks then back up, up, up. A great workout. Speaking of work, Tito is an Engineer. He works in Saudi Arabia constructing oil tanks and ppipe lines. What a nice guy. Without the calamity of a flat tire we would have probably just waved as we flew past while he struggled upward.

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AubrieMarch 21st, 2009 at 10:26 am

I love seeing you in pictures Papa even you Cat, You wouldn’t even imagine that i’m almost 13 years old in 19 days and i will be going to Disney Land that’s going to be the best present all thanks to my mom. I wish you could come but Cat would have been working anyways so it works out the same way but i will be missing you. Anyways i hope your having fun and i hope you write back soon i will write every day that i have time to. Love you guys and i have strong faith that you will be in good hands.Bye:]

adminMarch 21st, 2009 at 9:09 pm

Hey Aubrie
Thank you for sending a comment. Glad you are taking a little time to read some of our adventures.

You’re right, probably if we were home we’d have a bar-b-que and you and I would cook the steaks. Then Cat would get home and we’d all eat together. Well, next year when you’re really OLD!

Today we saw Orangotun. At home we call them Orangatang. They are part of the GREAT APE family. We will put some pictures and a video of them on the web-site, soom.

We love you and miss you guys, too. Keep counting the days until your Birthday and DISNEYLAND!!!