026 Love, Love, Love those Love Hotels

On our second day out of Taipei we came into the city of Tunghsiao. Due to slow progress we decided that we should find a room before darkness. Each time we asked we were told that there was no hotel. Then a woman pointed to a very poor looking building and said, “Dirty Hotel.” Wanting more we found the Police Station. A very pretty girl, Police Officer, strained her English language ability to tell us, “Yes Hotel dirty, you want clean Hotel? Then go 10 on highway and is clean Hotel.” Thinking 10 Ks we were hesitant to set off into the unknown so close to sundown. Then, an expert, a Taxi Driver said, “No 10 K, 10 minute by bicycle.” We pedaled and were pleased to find a nice looking Motel. Once inside the compound it was obvious that the “Clean Hotel” was a “Love Hotel.” The configuration is the same as those we experienced in Central America and Mexico. The room is above a garage with roll down door to protect privacy. Perfect for us, I could work on the bike in the garage. Oh, lest we forget there was a strange looking leather chair with built in vibrators and a pullout stool. One could only imagine the sexual things possible. One could not help wondering also, who’s naked butt last sat on the leather. We had to pass.

The day we left Ming Cycle Factory it was already past noon. We found ourselves in the least populated area of Taiwan, yet. It is dry, almost desert. When we approached an almost dry riverbed a Policeman indicated there was a Motel on the other side. In a town called Chushan people sent us on down the highway then vwe began following signs to a Motel This was to be our second Love Hotel and definitely the lesser of the two. The room is sparsely furnished and there is no food service or any restaurant or store nearby. The nice girl at the gate who’d made us a deal indicated that they could get beef noodles. When she brought it, it was just packaged noodles like Top Rammen. There is a hot water machine that say’s it was made in America. Wedoubted that but it did softne the noodles and as the Chinese say, “Go without food and the worst food will appear to be a banquet. So, we ate our noodles and wathced CNN on cable TV. The next morning the girl brough our included breakfast, tea and a sandwich.    SORRY NO PICTURES, THIS IS NOT AN XXX RATED BLOG!!!  

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